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Company Industry Region IPO Date IPO Capital raised - Equity
CASTA DIVA GROUP Media Lombardia 05/08/2016 n.a.
CLABO Manufacturing Marche 31/03/2015 7.4 Eu m
DIGITAL MAGICS Finance Lombardia 31/07/2013 4.6 Eu m
ELETTRA INVESTIMENTI Energy & Renewables Lazio 21/04/2015 5.0 Eu m
FINLOGIC Technology Puglia 09/06/2017 6.3 Eu m
FOPE Fashion & Luxury Veneto 30/11/2016 2.21 Eu m
GIORGIO FEDON E FIGLI Fashion & Luxury Veneto 18/12/2014 only placement
GPI Healthcare goods & services Trentino-Alto Adige 29/12/2016 51.1 Eu m
PITECO Technology Lombardia 31/07/2015 11.9 Eu m
TPS Services Lombardia 28/03/2017 2.9 Eu m


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AIM Italia companies

4104 Eur m

Capital raised

320000 Eur

Average investment