IR Top: 44 mln eu revenues, free float 23 per cent AIM 2019 listed PMI profile

MILAN ( - Revenues at 44 million euros, capitalization at 37 million euros and free float equal to 23% of the share capital. This is the average profile of companies listed on the AIM Italia in 2019. What drives them towards Piazza Affari is above all the desire to strengthen research and development activities, consolidate expansion on international markets and increase production capacity. This is what emerges from the IR Top Consulting surveys conducted on the AIM Italia 2019 market. The main sectors of the 132 companies listed on December 31 are: Technology, Industry, Services, Media, Fashion & Luxury. The regions most present on AIM are: Lombardy (41%), Emilia-Romagna (14%), Lazio (11%) and Veneto (8%). The AIM market counts 48 innovative SMEs. The AIM market counts 132 companies with a turnover in 2018 equal to 5.2 billion euros, a capitalization of 6.6 billion euros and a raising of capital in IPOs equal to about 3.9 billion euros, of which, on average, 93% comes from new issues of securities. Inflows amounted to 4.6 billion euros, including secondary operations. In 2019, total capitalisation amounted to 1.2 billion euros. Average IPO inflows were 5.9 million euros and the free float in IPOs was 24%. In 2018, total inflows amounted to €1.32 billion.