CIRCLE: Connecting EU Business Unit has launched new “EU Branding” services designed to introduce customers to their next partners and clients and to attract European funding

MILAN ( - Circle has launched through its Connecting EU Business Unit new services of “EU Branding” line of business.

New services include digital and social multichannel promotion, organization of physical and virtual events and business to business matching, aimed at strengthening relations with stakeholders and improve positioning at a European level of companies and public organizations (such as associations) specialized in port, transport and logistics.
By working side by side with Connecting EU Project Anticipation staff, EU Branding team helps customers achieving their business goals and meeting their next partners and clients, as well as attracting European funding. Connecting EU added value is the excellent knowledge of transport industry - deriving from decades of consultancy activity - and a consolidated network throughout Europe, pivotal for the construction of valuable contents and the recruitment of qualified experts and highly targeted audience.
“Our job is to create a genuine international network around the ideas of our clients and to build consensus on their best practices within European port & shipping community, providing them visibility and the chance to reach their target audience and promote their products/services” explained Alexio Picco, Managing Director of Circle Group.