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AIM Italia, the Borsa Italiana stock market tailor-made for SMEs, represents 40% of the PIR (Individual Savings Plans, or Piani Individuali di Risparmio) Small Cap investing universe. It is also the only stock market that can host Innovative SMEs and offer investors significant tax incentives, in addition to the PIR tax benefit.

AIM Italia combines risk components and high performance chances on individual securities; for these reasons it is mainly suitable for Qualified Investors and requires an in-depth knowledge of market features and single Equity Stories. The PMI Capital platform is a smart tool for accessing data and information and investing in a conscious way.

SMEs represent the key driver of italian entrepreneurial fabric: fostering them in a healthy growth path that needs medium-long term financial support means strategically contributing to the relaunch of the country.


Know the market

Read and download analysis on the AIM Italia market and listed companies, edited by the Osservatorio IR Top.


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Choose the companies you want to follow and keep track in real time on their corporate developments.


IPO and secondary market

Participate in the IPOs pre-marketing phases and follow the deals on the secondary market.

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